Start here to explore how you can extend your APIs with API Gateway and Serverless Functions. The advantage is that you will use the latest libraries and technologies, not to worry about provisioning and scaling to match your workload demand.

Serverless technology is here to stay.

Serverless is the future of the Cloud.

Learn more about API Gateways and why you need one on my previous article:

We will build a serverless function that accepts text files and respond with the gzip file. We will make your function accessible with a secure API Gateway Endpoint.

MySQL, Data Science and Data Integration Workshop

As a professional Data Scientist, your Jupyter Notebook is just part of the whole picture. Implementing your ML models is a process as good as the data you use to train and improve your algorithms. Plus some brainpower, experience and intuition.

In a real-world scenario, data lives in many places. Luckily, there are many tools to help you to extract, transform and load that data.

Data Integration might not look like an exciting concept, mainly because you probably tend to think about boring legacy connectors with various repositories and databases. This article wants to cover how exciting Data Integration can…

The interface between machines and humans is moving towards humans. Computers are capable of keeping basic conversations in platforms as natural for humans as Instant Messengers: WhatsApp, Slack, Web chats, etc.

Digital Assitant

This technological shift is great news for those able to integrate their backends systems with chat-bots and put them in the hands of humans to interact with. If you are not doing it or are curious about how difficult to implement a chat-bot, you are about to discover it is actually straightforward.

I’m going to walk you through the steps to create a Digital Assistant Instance on Oracle Cloud…

Show me your data structures, and I won’t usually need your code; it’ll be obvious — Fred Brooks.

Graph Visualization

That is how important your data structures are. How we lay down the data could make it easy to write and/or read. It also works in the other direction; you can make writing and reading very difficult if your data structures are not a great fit for your scenario.

I’ve been working on financial services, where I discovered how vital fraud detection was. And how difficult it is to do it if you use just SQL and a relational database. …

Simple Oracle Document Access

This is not the SODA I’m talking about :)
This is not the SODA I’m talking about :)
Photo by Food Photographer David Fedulov on Unsplash

I want to share with you how you can speed up the implementation of an app for a hackathon, your little pet project or your $1B application idea. It doesn’t matter.

Lean Startup is a well-known methodology of developing an innovative idea when the unknown is big.

The bottom line is to shorten product development cycles by quick iteration and test.

Your cool application will have a lot of CRUD
(create, read, update and delete) operations on business entities that are going to change very fast… if you want to be successful.

In my experience, everybody knows how to implement…

This is how a data leak happens :)

Data breaches scare me to death. They are becoming bigger and bolder. The list of data breaches is growing. Is the following rule still apply in this data powered world?

Store only the information you need to do your business.

That is a big rule. Yeah, fine! But data is power. It is a difficult trade-off. And here you are reading about data breaches because they happen and they affect people just like us.

Think about these three aspects:

  • Is my database securely configured?
  • What sensitive data do I have?
  • Who has access to the data and database?

There are…

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Database administrators have managed more data than anybody else in our field. The more I know about managing data in production, the more I realise how complex it is.

This is me paying back for all the time I saw DBAs as obstacles on deploying my applications. They were actually looking after me.

The ubiquitous SQL language is a nice way to explore Machine Learning. SQL is close to where the data lives. And the experts on that data already knows the language.

SQL Notebook is a browser-based application where you can run SQL queries, create reports, analyse data, and…

How to pronounce APEX like a boss
How to pronounce APEX like a boss

APEX is a platform that allows you to build web apps without coding experience. I have developed many web applications from scratch, but not many with full production capabilities because that is hard even for technical people.

Sometimes you need really complex business rules and carefully crafted features on your web. However, in many cases, you need to build a web to aggregate information from different users and sources, show them the information they need to do their job, build reports and the like—kind of an Excel spreadsheet but in a web format.

Also, engaging with your development team takes…

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash

Consider use cases where you need to query your data based on the physical position of your entities. What warehouse should provision the branches in that area? What is the closest taxi to a specific location? How far apart are the transactions made by a specific credit card?

GeoSpatial Databases are optimized storage for querying data that represents objects defined in a geometric space.

Geocoding is the conversion of an address, such as street, city, and county, to its geographic coordinates on earth, usually as longitude and latitude. However, you can use others like Mercator coordinate system.

Reverse geocoding is…

I was there and it was amazing!

WeDo Internet of Things demo

More than 2000 attendees, tenths of speakers from areas like Languages, DevOps, Front-end, IoT, Microservices, AI/Machine Learning, Kubernetes, and many more.

I have been several times at Codemotion Madrid from the beginning of the conference’s history. I have my own collection of Codemotion T-shirts and as you can see I am proud of it.

Victor Martin

Principal Cloud Engineer. All opinions are my own. @OracleCloudInfrastructure

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